The Berean Theological College is committed to the following a high standard of Reformed and Evangelical theological education.

  • Theological training which encompasses up to date theological scholarship.
  • The provision of highly developed theological modules that calls for study, reflection and engagement with Biblical data and scholarship.
  • To be Biblically relevant within a postmodern world without selling the church into a postmodern philosophy.
  • To think critically. This will aid students to confidently converse with Scripture and apply Scripture to everyday life and challenge the different worldviews that make up our world.
  • To aid the students to be teachers and church planters.
  • To equip students to be pastorally relevant through the pastoral disciplines of shepherding, counselling and healing the whole person.
  • To enable students to dialogue with both biblical models of leadership and secular models of leadership, with the aim of training competent and relevant church leaders.
  • To direct and steer students to find their gifting and calling within the context of the local church and beyond.


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