Remember ...

member or not, you are always welcome here!

How may I become a member of this church?

The Christian life is a commitment of our whole self. Part of your discipleship within this congregation is to study scripture and pray daily, join regularly in worship, share your life and possessions in God’s service and be subject to those set over you in the Lord.

If you are a regular visitor and feel that God has been speaking to you about becoming a member of The Father's House Christian Fellowship, we invite you to attend a New Members Welcoming Breakfast.

What is the New Members Welcome Breakfast?

This event take place on a Saturday morning from 09H00 to 11h00. The aim of the session is to help you understand how we function at The Father’s House and what we believe. The following topics are presented:

  • Our Vision,
  • Mission,
  • Values,
  • Strategic Focus Areas and
  • Tithing/Giving

Dates of the next New Members Welcome Breakfast will be announced on a Sunday morning.

Contact the office for further information.