Eagle's Nest Ministries impacts education in the disadvantaged areas of South Africa.

First School

The first primary school, the Eagle’s Nest, was opened in 2006, in Wallacedene, an informal settlement near Cape Town. God has provided miraculously for the many needs of the school. We are registered with the Education Department and also as an NPO. There are 357 children in Grade R - Grade 7.

All teaching is based on Christian foundations. The Principal, Celia Goddard, heads a team of 22 staff who are being equipped and developed to become high quality teachers . Most of the staff lives in the community, and many of them are studying part-time. Plans are being made to start a second school in the near future.

Our Aim

Our aim is uplifting communities by providing the children with an education of excellence, irrespective of their social , religious or financial background. Most of the children are from very poor homes. The stark reality is that many arrive at school with empty stomachs, and lack the most basic necessities. In addition to educating the children, we meet these needs.

Your Support

This is why we particularly value our sponsors and supporters as practically everything you see at the school has been donated by caring individuals and companies. We aim to have each child’s education sponsored by individuals. We also make a point of celebrating each child and teacher’s birthday with a gift and cake – some children have never had a birthday gift in their lives.

A visit to the school will leave you changed forever as the children have a way of creeping into your hearts. The majority of the children have very hard lives with little luxury and parents who have not had an opportunity to be educated. They respond to the love they experience at school and it is evident that they are happy and keen to learn.

To learn more, visit our website http://eagles-nest.org.za