Haven of Hope is a registered non-profit equestrian centre

We aim to provide horse riding for people with disabilities or special needs free of charge, using mainly, but not exclusively, suitable previously abused and/or neglected horses.

We started up in on the 9th of February 2011 with two adopted horses from the SPCA, and more faith than brains. (For those who do not know horses – they are hard work!) Currently we have 7 four-footed angels (4 horses and 3 little ponies) that have been donated to us. They are serving the 15 disabled/special needs riders that are currently riding on a weekly basis.

Our aim is not to create star riders, but for each rider to develop at his/her own pace while having fun doing it. The most encouraging words to us are when a child gets off a horse and says, “Mom, can I come again tomorrow?”

We are dependent on the community for donations and volunteers to keep the “hooves moving”. So if you are an animal lover and have a heart for the disabled, why not join the Haven of Hope family? We promise lots of fun and laughter while serving those who might otherwise never be able to ride. Or partner with us in prayer for our horses, riders and resources.